Thermal Imaging Services

Climadesign has invested in its first thermal imaging camera. Climadesign’s engineering director, Richard Parr, plans to promote its use through the business to help demonstrate to client’s opportunities to reduce their energy losses. To achieve carbon reduction aspirations its essential energy losses are minimised.

Thermal imaging cameras work by detecting heat (or lack of heat) given off by an object. The sensor takes the energy and translates it into light so fluctuations can be easily identified. This will allow our engineers to clearly demonstrate to our client’s sources of energy loss and structural issues and has potential to highlight early overheating of electrical and mechanical equipment assisting pre planned maintenance activities and reducing downtime from component failures.

In the food chain it can also highlight temperature hotspots in retail display units so clients can rectify problems and extend product shelf life. As demonstrated in attached image simply through poor merchandising a large temperature fluctuation can be recorded in two adjacent display cabinets.

Thermal imaging is an important tool for all our client sectors in the coldchain applications.

Climadesign can assist end users, contractors and maintenance providers. For more information please contact